How To Achieve Smarter Goals

2016 The Year Of Smarter Goals 


I don’t know anyone who does not want to have a great year ahead – most of us hope and pray for this year in and year out. I know I do! Yet we know there will be many variables to any given year that we can not control. For some, this then means an instant opt into the sit back approach – ” just let the year happen however it turns out” without even a hint of a goal let alone direction to the year.  But the truth is we influence the level of greatness within our year by our thinking (especially our attitude) and our actions particularly if we wisely choose to opt into smarter goals as a way of setting some goals for our year. Goal setting is a powerful influence over our year.


…Now, stay with me, I know many of us dislike goal setting, feel less than successful in achieving our goals and because of a sense of past failure give good old fashioned goal setting a bad rap. Hang on my friend and join me with turning things around this year…let’s read on and journey together towards making this year a significant year for each of us….


bestyeareverOne of the current leadership influencers on Goal Setting would be Michael Hyatt who was the CEO of Thomas Nelson for a number of years before creating his own online leadership presence, particularly through Platform University.  And while his target audience is businessmen he has a growing wide-ranging audience of us women who are hungry to grow in leadership and particularly influencing in the online world.


Speaking of business, many people count themselves out of having any need to set meaningful goals, leaving it to the business type guys not even the business type women…..BUT HEY PEOPLE:  having a direction and purpose to what you want this year to be matters if you are a stay at home mum, retiree, student, single parent or global trotting CEO.  Choosing what direction our life goes matters regardless of our life situation! If we are not setting goals we are merely drifting along.



Is all about taking the information you gathered in your journal reflection work last week where I asked you to join me on the  3 Things To Do Before Setting Goals  and now turning this week to actually setting goals to focus on in the next twelve months.  In a nutshell, S.M.A.R.T.E.R is simply writing your goals down using this format:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound
  • Exciting
  • Relevant


Yeah, this all sounds very familiar doesn’t it? We all know about SMART goals but adding in the E for exciting is a great tip from Michael that I have picked up on.  This encourages us to make the goals compelling to us – smarter goals that actually generate some level of excitement/interest within us.  There is no point in choosing goals that sound good on paper but are not something our heart gets excited about or, at least, has a high level of interest in!


Choosing 7 -10 smarter goals that within the next twelve months we want to achieve not only helps us to know where we are wanting to head but also helps us to know our priorities when other opportunities come upon our time and resources.  Focusing on our smarter goals will help us to know what to say yes to and what to say no to.  We can not do everything that comes our way in a year which is why goals help tremendously in establishing what we want our time to be spent on first and foremost.


Journal Assignment


Righto, without any further rambling let’s hit our journals and the S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals 2016 worksheet  I have created to lock in some meaningful S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals for our year ahead.  I believe doing this in partnership with God means you will be heading into a stronger year than if you sit back and let the year float by with whatever vague wishes you may have otherwise had somewhere in the recesses of your heart!  🙂  Oh, and yes, for the record, I am certainly talking to myself here….I know how easy it is to float through a year without clear goals – I find it hard to pin myself down so this type of work is fantastic for setting myself up for a strong year! I know it will help you too 🙂


Until next time,


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