Good Reads

I love good books so I just had to have a page dedicated to good reads to inspire, encourage and challenge! I try to read regularly books that will help me grow and challenge me, as I know how much my life has been positively influenced by these. The books I will have on this page I will do quick non-fancy reviews for (more a recommendation rather than book review per say) – they will always be ones I have read and think may be of encouragement to others in their journey of life ☺



Forgiving the Dead Man Walking

By Debbie Morris

Forgiving the DEAD MAN WALKING This is a powerful and heart retching true story of Debbie and her boyfriendMarka young (Debbie was just sixteen at the time) Christian couple in Louisiana kidnapped by two men in 1980. It is brutal story of murder, repeatative rape, attempted murder and being held captive before Debbie finally was miraculously let free. This is a potent story of anger; pain, healing, forgiveness and the journey back to a relationship with God.

You may remember the movie Dead Man Walking that is an autobiographical account of Sister Helen Prejean – a catholic nun who corresponded with Elmo Sonnier (one of the convicted) and later went on visit him and become his spiritual adviser in the months leading up to his electrocution on death row. Sister Helen gained insight into the process involved in executions and began to speak out against this.

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