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Praying for Wisdom

Hi friend, This week’s our destiny prayer is focused on Wisdom – something we need in our relationships, finances, health, lifestyle, education, employment, church life – every area! I love how Proverbs makes is so clear that wisdom is something to hold in high regard, to chase after it, to prioritise seeking it. Wow!  Can I encourage you to pray this prayer out loud?  Why?  Because something very powerful happens when you declare out loud not just in your head the words you are believing and asking for.       A Prayer For Wisdom   Father, I desire to

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Making the hard decisions in friendships

  As I said goodbye to my visitor I felt disappointed in myself, in our conversation.  On the surface everything looked fine, we had chatted, shared our lives, but I knew, oh yes I knew that the words were gossipy, critical of others and judgemental.  I had allowed the conversation flowing from them to give me permission to join in not stopping for a moment to steer it away from the road we were travelling down.   It was just processing so seems harmless, right?  I mean we weren’t talking too maliciously and they had needed to process several things

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