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5 Questions To Ask Before A New Year Takes Over

Another New Year!  Wow, it seems like only yesterday it was January 1st, 2015 and now wham bang it is January 2016 – how does this happen?! A New Year sure comes around mighty quick! As much as I wish each year did not turn about quite so fast I do have to say I love how the start of something new is filled with expectations and hopes of what is to come. We have a fresh new 365 days all wrapped up new ready for us to unpack and live out the best version of us we can be. This is

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New Year Declaration Over You 2016

New Year Declaration  This powerful New Year Declaration I speak out over you as you enter this New Year 2016 Happy New Year my friend.  Here is a powerful scripture I am speaking out over you as we leave 2015 and enter into 2016.  This is one of my favourite scriptures. May your heart be able to let go of the things of 2015 and enter with peace into 2016 knowing God loves you so deeply and is right beside you no matter how the road ahead may look right now. Love Helen

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Goodbye Optimism – Hello Faith Filled Extraordinary 2015!

Today is a lovely summer’s day in New Zealand and as I sat on our deck praying earlier (here’s some pics of how lovely my prayer spot it is!) I felt a few things to share with you.   Firstly, I am NOT optimistic about 2015! NO WAY!   I am FAITH FILLED. YES!   There is a big difference between the two! Optimistic is a great word as it means confidence about the future ahead BUT it actually has no substance to fall back on.   Whereas FAITH is all about the Word of God and the Presence of

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Which Will It Be – Wish Washy Resolutions or Inspired Goals?

Hi everyone   Over the last few days my Facebook posts have related to the coming New Year.  I hope they have encouraged your heart as much as they have mine as we have firstly been reminded that God has a strategic year ahead for us (EXTRAORDINARY) and secondly have had the opportunity to reflect on 2014 in order to let it go and move into 2015 with ready unhindered hearts.   In my video yesterday I said I would share today a few thoughts around goals and 2015. I believe without goals we will amble through 2015 and come

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