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The Ultimate Goal To Pursue

All this talk of reflection, goals and meaning over this month of January caused my heart to stir with expectation at the possibilities ahead for this year. I know this is not always the case for everyone – please don’t get discouraged if you are feeling a little less than goal focused at the moment.  I am a firm believer of listening to our hearts and allowing time to process if not ready for something just yet – so no beating yourself up if you need longer before launching into planning some goals for 2016 :).  All this stirring in my

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How To Achieve Smarter Goals

2016 The Year Of Smarter Goals    I don’t know anyone who does not want to have a great year ahead – most of us hope and pray for this year in and year out. I know I do! Yet we know there will be many variables to any given year that we can not control. For some, this then means an instant opt into the sit back approach – ” just let the year happen however it turns out” without even a hint of a goal let alone direction to the year.  But the truth is we influence the level

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3 Things To Do To Set Meaningful Goals

Setting Goals – you either love it or hate it! The mere mention of new year resolutions sends many people’s eyes rolling! Yet goals, resolutions or whatever you want to call them are an essential life-giving part of creating a purposeful year. To gain and keep a direction in life we need to have some meaningful goals. There is no other way around this!   Without any  goals we just simply drift along.  Sure, we can still achieve a few things, and even get to tick off some things we “hoped” to do this or that year.  But the power of

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5 Questions To Ask Before A New Year Takes Over

Another New Year!  Wow, it seems like only yesterday it was January 1st, 2015 and now wham bang it is January 2016 – how does this happen?! A New Year sure comes around mighty quick! As much as I wish each year did not turn about quite so fast I do have to say I love how the start of something new is filled with expectations and hopes of what is to come. We have a fresh new 365 days all wrapped up new ready for us to unpack and live out the best version of us we can be. This is

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Why You Need To Eliminate Tolerations From Life

I once went two years with a broken basket in the corner of the bedroom with things I was going to fix or mend sitting in it.  I did not particularly want it as part of the interior design look of the room but put up with it. In that time I never even once added to it or pulled anything out to fix but had to move it numerous times when it was in the way. Doesn’t seem too big a deal really but along with other tolerations (as there is never just one alone in our life!) this

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3 Steps To Discover Priorities

Not so long ago I was sitting at my home office desk staring blankly at the computer, my cold cup of tea and half-eaten lunch to the left and a whiteboard with a hundred and one to do priorities to the right. One glance at the magnitude of that was enough to send me running for cover in another room. I thought I knew my priorities after all that’s why they were on the white board, right? Yet I was not managing and any sane person looking at that list could see how impossible I had made it for myself.

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Why giving up on a balanced life will work for you

We hear the words balanced life bandied about frequently nowadays as people struggle and strive to meet the ever-elusive ideal of what has become titled a balanced life. The term we know as life balance began to be used in the UK near the end of the 1970s and in the USA around the mid-1980s mainly with a focus on the balance between work and private life.   Over time society began to shift the focus to mean something along the line of a “perfect” life which is not what this was about at all! It suddenly became where not only work but

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