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The Ultimate Goal To Pursue

All this talk of reflection, goals and meaning over this month of January caused my heart to stir with expectation at the possibilities ahead for this year. I know this is not always the case for everyone – please don’t get discouraged if you are feeling a little less than goal focused at the moment.  I am a firm believer of listening to our hearts and allowing time to process if not ready for something just yet – so no beating yourself up if you need longer before launching into planning some goals for 2016 :).  All this stirring in my

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3 words you need to hear from God today.

Hi my friend, I am so glad you are reading this today.  I believe there are three words you need to hear from God today. They are “I love you”.  I have found people either think God is mad/angry at them or they think oh yeah I know He loves me but rush on by not truly soaking in this truth.  When we know we are deeply loved by the God of the entire universe this changes everything about how we think, feel and act.  Be blessed today as you read this word straight from God’s heart to you today.

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A Prayer That Will Draw You Closer To The Heart Of God

Father, Thank you, I am your daughter/son – you brought me into your family as my Heavenly Father. I want to walk in this fullness more and be close to you. I do not want to be a spectator of others intimate relationship with you. I want my own deep, intimate and growing relationship where I know your tangible presence and hear your voice. I know in my head that is your will for me, but I sometimes doubt in my heart the reality of this. Help me to believe and go after this with all my being.  In places

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Proof of your importance!

Hi friend,       Let’s imagine today we are sitting together on the sandy shore of a favourite beach enjoying the warmth of the sun and an refreshing drink as we chat together.  Because you see I want to ask you what many people won’t ask each other.  That is “how was your time with God last week?”  Did you do the challenge I put before us – the challenge to slow down, to be still and to ask God to reveal His love to you?  This was no glossing over of “yeah I know He loves me so I don’t need to

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Are we that important to God really?

Just one look at the beauty all around us and we can acknowledge yes God did an incredible work when He created the universe. We admire His creation every day.       And while it is amazing how he created planets, galaxies, plant life and animals he didn’t stop there. He went on and created man and woman and then gave us the top position on the planet – that’s pretty amazing, you know!     Amongst all of His accomplishments during that six-day period, only one stands out above all the others. And it is only about this

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