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Encouragement for your heart today

I am so glad to be able to share these encouraging pictures with words from God’s heart on this week’s blog, may He speak deeply to your heart as you read them today… They have been on my facebook page over several weeks and I thought you might like to also see them here on the website. The facebook page can be found by clicking this link Praying for you today Love Helen

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3 words you need to hear from God today.

Hi my friend, I am so glad you are reading this today.  I believe there are three words you need to hear from God today. They are “I love you”.  I have found people either think God is mad/angry at them or they think oh yeah I know He loves me but rush on by not truly soaking in this truth.  When we know we are deeply loved by the God of the entire universe this changes everything about how we think, feel and act.  Be blessed today as you read this word straight from God’s heart to you today.

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