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The Friendship Inventory

Psst….I want to let you in on my latest wrestling…I have been really chewing over something that is important to us all….   … actually started a few years ago when I went through some experiences that dramatically impacted on my perspective of friendship.  Some of it not so good (ok, actually deeply painful) and some of it amazing (heartwarming – oh yippee). In my recent post making the hard decisions in friendships I shared about my experience this year of God asking me some questions and my heart ache at my answers in a particular scenario. Well, continuing with this

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    A PRAYER TO PRAY OVER OUR CLOSE FRIENDSHIPS   Father, thank you for my friends – the ones who I consider to be my closest friends. Thank you for the joy they bring me and blessing they have been to me. May I be a blessing to them, show me how to bless them in the way they like not just the way I like. May I see the potential in them and call that out of them with encouragement and faith. Help me to really get to know the real them not who I think they are

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Making the hard decisions in friendships

  As I said goodbye to my visitor I felt disappointed in myself, in our conversation.  On the surface everything looked fine, we had chatted, shared our lives, but I knew, oh yes I knew that the words were gossipy, critical of others and judgemental.  I had allowed the conversation flowing from them to give me permission to join in not stopping for a moment to steer it away from the road we were travelling down.   It was just processing so seems harmless, right?  I mean we weren’t talking too maliciously and they had needed to process several things

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Lessons in what NOT to say to a single woman

Hi friends   I have enjoyed traveling with you through these three things God has to share about walking alongside the single woman who is over forty.  Lean in and enjoy our last tip on how to do this well:     Stop – those silly questions and pulpit comments (help us all dear Jesus)     Telling a woman “you are too fussy” or “there is someone out there for you” or “maybe guys are scared of you” or every time you see them asking “have you meet anyone recently?” are some of the most unhelpful things said. Along with

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What YOU can do to help out a sister.

Hi Friends   Today I have the honour to share with you another one of the three things every married person needs to know when it comes to walking alongside their single sisters who are over forty. I pray this will enlarge your understanding friend, sister, neighbour, parent, work colleague, pastor and church member of how to walk along side you Christian sisters who are forty and single.   Reach out  – With practical help   Single women who are in their forties tend to be super capable with many owning homes they have saved for on their own, working in significantly busy roles

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What’s it really like for the forty year old single woman in the church today?

    Hi friends   What a privilege to bring you part two of a series to honour single woman over forty who are courageously doing their life for the main part not having put their hand up to say: “Oh yes I really want to be single and not a mom at forty!” This series is to honour them and bring insight to us all regardless of our life situation.   I have been sitting in my red armchair lately (click When It Doesn’t Make Sense Sometimes You Have To Just Do It to find out all about that chair) asking

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