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Encouragement for your heart today

I am so glad to be able to share these encouraging pictures with words from God’s heart on this week’s blog, may He speak deeply to your heart as you read them today… They have been on my facebook page over several weeks and I thought you might like to also see them here on the website. The facebook page can be found by clicking this link Praying for you today Love Helen

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Making the hard decisions in friendships

  As I said goodbye to my visitor I felt disappointed in myself, in our conversation.  On the surface everything looked fine, we had chatted, shared our lives, but I knew, oh yes I knew that the words were gossipy, critical of others and judgemental.  I had allowed the conversation flowing from them to give me permission to join in not stopping for a moment to steer it away from the road we were travelling down.   It was just processing so seems harmless, right?  I mean we weren’t talking too maliciously and they had needed to process several things

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Five habits I follow to try to manage grumpiness

I shared last week about reigning in the grumps, and just after I posted I started thinking it would be good to share some of the practical things I do to prevent grumpiness reigning in my life!  So, yep here we go, a quick-fire look at five habits that seem to directly impact on my emotional state and yes whether I have any self-control in the grumpy department!   You see, if I don’t regularly follow these habits my ability to see life from a positive perspective, to see others with God’s heart and to allow the self-control the Holy

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My journey to reigning back the grumps

I was starting to feel it…you know, that grumpy feeling when you get annoyed at someone or something. It starts little but festers until if left to roam free it will become the size of paddock full of gorse bush*.    In this case, it was a person, okay the honest truth, a friend. You know, those special people we value, love and support. Hum, well all friendship was rapidly going south as all I could think of was, really do you need to take that long to find the right outfit to buy? I mean seriously I am in and out in

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Proof of your importance!

Hi friend,       Let’s imagine today we are sitting together on the sandy shore of a favourite beach enjoying the warmth of the sun and an refreshing drink as we chat together.  Because you see I want to ask you what many people won’t ask each other.  That is “how was your time with God last week?”  Did you do the challenge I put before us – the challenge to slow down, to be still and to ask God to reveal His love to you?  This was no glossing over of “yeah I know He loves me so I don’t need to

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Are we that important to God really?

Just one look at the beauty all around us and we can acknowledge yes God did an incredible work when He created the universe. We admire His creation every day.       And while it is amazing how he created planets, galaxies, plant life and animals he didn’t stop there. He went on and created man and woman and then gave us the top position on the planet – that’s pretty amazing, you know!     Amongst all of His accomplishments during that six-day period, only one stands out above all the others. And it is only about this

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Time for a chat with my Single friends

Hi friends   The last four weeks of posts have been part of series to honour the amazing single women who are over forty years of age and have always had a dream for marriage and for many a desire for children too. I felt God wanted to focus the bulk of the series sharing with marrieds and the church as a whole about the story of these women. So I after the initial post I went on to share three things every married person needs to know when it comes to walking alongside their single sisters who are over forty. I felt I

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What Happened To My Happy Ever After?

Oh I love a good wedding, don’t you?  Let me list some of my favourite things:       The first glimpse of the exquisite bride looking stunning in her amazing dress. Then there’s the teary eyed groom with eyes on only one — his lovely wife to be. Up next as a top favourite would be the pastor’s message and the couple’s vows….oh my I LOVE HEARING THESE within a Christ focused wedding. And last but not least, I love how every good wedding has an incredible reception full of laughter and love.     Happy sigh, oh YES how I love

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3 Ways To Restore Joy

Hi Friends,     Can I ask you a question today?      If you had a JOY thermometer what would it read today?   I have had times where I struggled to get it above what I call the 50% mark.  Have you ever been there?  I am sure, you have.  We all experience times when we just don’t feel the joy and can end up dragging ourselves around like a deflated ballon. But more and more I live out of a revelation that JOY is something I influence and carry within me daily.  It is a state of

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What To Do With Disappointment

As I stuffed down an enormous packet of chips followed by a king size block of chocolate somewhere within me I knew that wouldn’t take away the disappointment I felt. Yet it was my first choice, my go to in this situation to try to squash the sadness in my heart. Have you ever been there? Reached for something to squash the feelings related to a disappointment all the while knowing deep down it would never actually help.  Knowing somehow as Christians God is the comforter not food or whatever vice we choose. Yet being stuck in the moment where

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