When to say yes

How to say no

To take control of your life

By Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

BOUNDARIESI hear you all say this book and all the other related ones by these guys have been around for years Helen…YES BUT I have only recently read it….and wow what a fantastic must read book. Seriously if you haven’t read it believe me it would be worth your time and influence your life for the better! There are such great insights in this book that really help you to look at your own life (because of course we are always reading for personal growth not to “tell” others all we think they need to change in their lives ☺). I was challenged and encouraged reading it. I could see some areas where I need to grow in how to have healthy boundaries in how I relate to people (read my own book Walking the Bridge to understand the background to my continual journey towards the wholeness God and how strongly I believe He desires us all to be honest that we have not yet arrived!)

I had some profound moments reading the book and feel like I need to read it again to let what God was trying to say deep within my heart take root. They refer a lot to how we relate to others today is impacted by our growing up years and family situation. With lots of examples and I guess you would call them case studies to explain the point in helped me to think about my own life and the way I grew up. For all of us to spend time reflecting about how we learnt about boundaries and to discover what boundaries really are is essential to any of us walking as healthy people.

The book really is all about social interaction – how we relate to others, how we say yes, how we say no and how we so often get stuck saying/doing what we don’t want to do but also about how we in turn treat others. They talk about what a boundaryless life looks like, what does a healthy boundary look like, how boundaries are developed, about boundaries with family, friends, spouse, children, work, your self and God! I found the chapter on resistance to boundaries really helped me as I could see the journey God talk me on with my own family.

So my encouragement to you is beg, borrow or buy a copy to read – you won’t regret it and I know without a doubt you will get something good from this book!  Amazon has it readily available

Happy Reading!

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