Walking The Bridge


As a young child, Helen dreamed of living a bold life for the Lord. Despite growing up in a broken home, Helen pledged herself to Jesus Christ and longed to find spiritual meaning in an imperfect world. But at age eighteen, those dreams seemed far away as she stood on the edge of a bridge, ready to step into the darkness – ready to end her life.

Walking the Bridge is the triumphant true story of a girl coming of age in New Zealand. Author and Life Coach Helen Taylor shares her amazing and oftentimes heartbreaking, testimony of a life restored. While abused and ostracized by those close to her, Helen discovered she was never abandoned by her heavenly Father, who continued to love her and reveal Himself at all the right times. No matter how deeply your faith has been shaken, Helen’s story reveals Christ is the true bridge to healing, hope and peace. The structure is strong, With Him, your footing can be sure!


If you have ever suffered pain and trauma as an adult or child, Walking the Bridge is a must read. Your life will never be the same as you discover keys to becoming a “restored over- comer”—restored to the person you were always meant to be. Helen has indeed communicated in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to go deep and bring true freedom and complete healing, by revealing the courage, determination, and commitment needed to walk restoration road to a destiny called freedom.

—Phil Camden, senior leader of Church180, Newcastle Australia; NSW state executive member of the Australian Christian Churches

As someone familiar with the journey of restoration and redemption through my own story, I appreciate the strength of character and level of wholeness it requires to put pen to paper and let the world see into your life. Helen Taylor’s story is one of both courage and intimacy with a Savior who is the only one who can bring complete healing to these areas. Helen is a woman of integrity, sharing openly and honestly of her journey to wholeness and restoration. Her story will both inspire and encourage the reader to a greater depth with Jesus—the ultimate great redeemer.

—Maree de Jong, co-senior pastor of LIFE (along with her husband, Paul de Jong)