Encouragement for your heart today

I am so glad to be able to share these encouraging pictures with words from God’s heart on this week’s blog, may He speak deeply to your heart as you read them today… They have been on my facebook page over several weeks and I thought you might like to also see them here on the website. The facebook page can be found by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/HelenJuliaTaylor/ Praying for you today Love Helen

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Why giving up on a balanced life will work for you

We hear the words balanced life bandied about frequently nowadays as people struggle and strive to meet the ever-elusive ideal of what has become titled a balanced life. The term we know as life balance began to be used in the UK near the end of the 1970s and in the USA around the mid-1980s mainly with a focus on the balance between work and private life.   Over time society began to shift the focus to mean something along the line of a “perfect” life which is not what this was about at all! It suddenly became where not only work but

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3 words you need to hear from God today.

Hi my friend, I am so glad you are reading this today.  I believe there are three words you need to hear from God today. They are “I love you”.  I have found people either think God is mad/angry at them or they think oh yeah I know He loves me but rush on by not truly soaking in this truth.  When we know we are deeply loved by the God of the entire universe this changes everything about how we think, feel and act.  Be blessed today as you read this word straight from God’s heart to you today.

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A Prayer That Will Draw You Closer To The Heart Of God

Father, Thank you, I am your daughter/son – you brought me into your family as my Heavenly Father. I want to walk in this fullness more and be close to you. I do not want to be a spectator of others intimate relationship with you. I want my own deep, intimate and growing relationship where I know your tangible presence and hear your voice. I know in my head that is your will for me, but I sometimes doubt in my heart the reality of this. Help me to believe and go after this with all my being.  In places

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Praying for Wisdom

Hi friend, This week’s our destiny prayer is focused on Wisdom – something we need in our relationships, finances, health, lifestyle, education, employment, church life – every area! I love how Proverbs makes is so clear that wisdom is something to hold in high regard, to chase after it, to prioritise seeking it. Wow!  Can I encourage you to pray this prayer out loud?  Why?  Because something very powerful happens when you declare out loud not just in your head the words you are believing and asking for.       A Prayer For Wisdom   Father, I desire to

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A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Hi friend, I am praying (yes!) that you are being encouraged as we speak out these prayers each week. May they help us to be more aware of how He loves drawing close to us to release the power of the words prayed. One of the most significant things we can do to grow spiritually is declaring out loud a prayer of thanksgiving.  I try daily to focus some of my praying thanking God – the more I do this the more my inner world grows stronger. So this week our focus is on all that we can thank him

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A great personal prayer

Hi friends,   I am so excited about this next month as we are doing a series of prayers. Note I said series of prayers NOT a series on prayer.  We are cutting to the chase and praying not merely talking about it. While most of us would say prayer is powerful we sometimes quite frankly can fumble around and struggle with how to pray. I am really pumped, excited, inspired….whatever your want to call it about this month as I have felt God give some direction on us praying DESTINY PRAYERS.  As we join together praying these out loud,

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The Friendship Inventory

Psst….I want to let you in on my latest wrestling…I have been really chewing over something that is important to us all….   …..it actually started a few years ago when I went through some experiences that dramatically impacted on my perspective of friendship.  Some of it not so good (ok, actually deeply painful) and some of it amazing (heartwarming – oh yippee). In my recent post making the hard decisions in friendships I shared about my experience this year of God asking me some questions and my heart ache at my answers in a particular scenario. Well, continuing with this

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    A PRAYER TO PRAY OVER OUR CLOSE FRIENDSHIPS   Father, thank you for my friends – the ones who I consider to be my closest friends. Thank you for the joy they bring me and blessing they have been to me. May I be a blessing to them, show me how to bless them in the way they like not just the way I like. May I see the potential in them and call that out of them with encouragement and faith. Help me to really get to know the real them not who I think they are

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Making the hard decisions in friendships

  As I said goodbye to my visitor I felt disappointed in myself, in our conversation.  On the surface everything looked fine, we had chatted, shared our lives, but I knew, oh yes I knew that the words were gossipy, critical of others and judgemental.  I had allowed the conversation flowing from them to give me permission to join in not stopping for a moment to steer it away from the road we were travelling down.   It was just processing so seems harmless, right?  I mean we weren’t talking too maliciously and they had needed to process several things

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