3 Things To Do To Set Meaningful Goals

Setting Goals – you either love it or hate it!

The mere mention of new year resolutions sends many people’s eyes rolling! Yet goals, resolutions or whatever you want to call them are an essential life-giving part of creating a purposeful year. To gain and keep a direction in life we need to have some meaningful goals. There is no other way around this!


Without any  goals we just simply drift along.  Sure, we can still achieve a few things, and even get to tick off some things we “hoped” to do this or that year.  But the power of clarifying what we what to focus on and why by setting meaningful goals propels us forward with a momentum that vague wish washy ideas will never be able to achieve.




Much has been said about goal setting and I know there can be a lot of noise out there about goals and resolutions. But I have found following the process of reflection like last week’s Questions To Ask  allows us to exit the last year well ready and eager to engage in the process of choosing this year’s goals. Once we have done that we are ready for discovering what we want our meaningful goals to be for the year ahead.


To help with finding these meaningful goals (ones that are personal and real to your life) here are three questions:


What was missing from your life last year – in the major areas of your life?

Major life areas differ slightly between people but some good headings can be: family, health, business/career, spiritual, relationship with spouse, financial, personal development, fun/recreation, friendships.

List the under your major areas the things that mattered to you but you felt has a lack or regret in, for example, lack of time with my children, not enough time for exercise, did not feel I grew in my faith etc. You will then be using this list to help generate what your meaningful goals for 2016 can be.


What are the major life areas you want to focus specifically on this year and what is happening within them?

List them down and be thinking of any changes that will impact on these this year.  For example, getting married, being a mum to a boy going to school for the first time, looking at heading back to my career etc.


Where do you want to be in your ________at this time next year?

Beside each of your major life areas record where you would like to be by the end of the year.  For example, under health it could be “I would like to be regularly exercising” or under the area of family life, it could be “I would like to have created some great family memories”   These can then help towards the development of your goals later.


Journal Assignment

This week our assignment (if we should be brave enough to accept!) is to take these questions and spend time with God processing them through.


Journal Assignment


This journal work is all about you and God – for you, to encourage and help you, not a school assignment that gets given an A or F for!  If all you have time for is one question – great do that and be pleased with yourself!  And then schedule some specific time the following week to complete them. A friendly reminder, a vague “I will do this journal work sometime this week” normally results in no follow up whereas an appointment in our diary is more likely to happen.


Next Monday we will knuckle down to actually create our meaningful goals by working through a goal plan worksheet.  Looking forward to continuing the journey to making this year one of your best ever for setting and achieving meaningful goals.


Until next time,


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