It’s fantastic to have you come visit my neck of the cyber woods – welcome, make yourself at home! As you browse through the coming pages imagine that we are sitting down together on a warm summers day with a good old fashioned home made lemonade sharing our hearts. I dream that this will be place you feel safe to encounter God’s heart for you and journey through your seasons of life finding encouragement and hope

The Ultimate Goal To Pursue

All this talk of reflection, goals and meaning over this month of January caused my heart to stir with expectation at the possibilities ahead for this year. I know this is not always the case for everyone – please don’t get discouraged if you are feeling a little less than goal focused at the moment.  I am a firm believer of listening to our hearts and allowing time to process if not ready for something just yet – so no beating yourself up if you need longer before launching into planning some goals for 2016 :).  All this stirring in my

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